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Cool Hand Luke as a Christian Allegory: Drawing Parallels Between Luke and Jesus, and Dragline and Saul/St. Paul

Unearth the deeper layers of ‘Cool Hand Luke’ as we explore its Christian allegorical elements. Journey with Luke and Dragline, drawing connections to iconic biblical figures, and delve into the profound motifs that elevate this classic film beyond a tale of mere defiance.

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Alcohol in Cinema: A Temporal Reflection through “Some Came Running,” “Days of Wine and Roses”, and “Leaving Las Vegas”

From the post-war anxieties of the 1950s to the personal desolations of the 1990s, delve into how cinema’s portrayal of alcohol captures the essence of their respective eras. Join us as we trace the societal shifts through “Some Came Running,” “Days of Wine and Roses,” and “Leaving Las Vegas.”

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