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Cheltenham Literature Festival 2023: “What if AI Doesn’t Change the World?” 

As part of the Cheltenham Literature Festival 2023, in honour of Ada Lovelace Day and as a reaction to a new report from the University of Bristol’s Research Institute for Sociotechnical Cyber Security (RISCS), The Times hosted a discussion panel “What If AI Doesn’t Change the World”. Led by The Times technology business editor Katie Prescott, and with Cambridge Professor of Politics David Runciman, Oxford AI systems expert Michael Wooldridge and AI ethicist Kanta Dihal, looking to explore the promise and peril of AI, asking whether our fears for the future are in fact misplaced? The audience was invited to ask the panel questions, but invariably, they didn’t have time to answer them all. As well as document the event, I thought it would be fun to ask ChatGPT what they thought…

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