Welcome to the website, blog, et cetera, of Wayne Horkan (my LinkedIn profile). I’m a technologist and engineer, typically working in enterprise architecture and systems engineering. Mainly I design systems for people. Occasionally I even build them. I also help out at the IET with their Digital Panel.

Currently, I work for Cyber Tzar (our company website) providing vision and technology leadership. Cyber Tzar makes a dang wicked Cyber Risk Management platform, but, obviously, I would say that.

My current favourite quote (from my son, Andy): “Straight out of the genius bucket!”

Places you can find me and Cyber Tzar:

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My favourite and most read articles are:

There’s also a slew of articles that I migrated over from my old Sun Microsystems Blog too, including:

Please note: some of the links in these converted articles may refer back to the saved version on the “Internet Archive: Way Back Machine” (where I gathered some of them as Oracle had deleted the Sun blogs, yay Oracle, snore).

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