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Jimmy Carl Black - Poster from the film "Where's the beer and when do we get paid"

Free as in Beer vs. Free as in Speech: Understanding Different “Free” Concepts

The term “free” can be ambiguous, particularly in software and digital content. “Free as in beer” means something is available at no cost, akin to receiving a free drink, but without the freedom to modify or share it. “Free as in speech” emphasizes user freedoms, allowing modification, distribution, and understanding of the software’s code. Other examples of “free” include free trials, freeware, and ad-supported services. Understanding these distinctions helps users make informed decisions about the software and content they use.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Using MetaTrader 4 for Trading Success

Part of a short series of articles on using MetaTrader 4, written on request. This does not mean I endorse trading, MetaTrader 4, or that I’d do this because I wouldn’t. I design and build IT systems, and that’s what I’ll stick to, ta. This article is the introduction and precis to the other articles below.

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