Currency Trading Example: Dollars to Euros

Part of a short series of articles on using MetaTrader4, written on request. This does not mean I endorse trading, MetaTrader4, or that I’d do this because I wouldn’t. I design and build IT systems, and that’s what I’ll stick to, ta. This article is “Currency Trading Example: Dollars to Euros”.

The Situation:

  • You have dollars and you want to exchange them for euros.

How It Works:

  • Exchange Rate: This is the price at which you can exchange one currency for another. It tells you how many euros you get for one dollar.


  1. Yesterday’s Exchange Rate:
  • 1 dollar could be exchanged for 1 euro.
  • If you had 10 dollars, you could get 10 euros.
  1. Today’s Exchange Rate:
  • The value of the euro has increased.
  • Now, 1 euro is worth 2 dollars.
  • This means you need 2 dollars to get 1 euro.

What Happens:

  • Yesterday, with 10 dollars, you could get 10 euros because each dollar was equal to one euro.
  • Today, because the euro has increased in value, with the same 10 dollars, you can only get 5 euros because each euro is now worth 2 dollars.

Why the Value Changes:

  • The value of currencies like dollars and euros changes based on how many people are buying or selling them.
  • If many people want euros, the value of the euro goes up, meaning you need more dollars to get the same amount of euros.


  • Currency trading involves exchanging one currency (like dollars) for another (like euros) based on the current exchange rate.
  • If the euro increases in value, you will need more dollars to get the same amount of euros.