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links for 2008-10-24

Money Central – Times Online – WBLG: Ten executives who should have kept their mouths shut Executive gaffes, everybody makes them, it’s just funnier delivered from the guys at the top… …..

links for 2008-10-17

Roller Themes A great site collecting together some of the nicest Roller Weblogger themes available… …..

links for 2008-10-15

SPECjbb2005 Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 World Record Multi-JVM 4-Chip – BM Seer The new T5440 Server is setting new records for Java multi-JVM performance on the SPECjbb2005 server-side Java benchmark. …..

links for 2008-10-13

Sun’s 4-chip CMT system raises the bar – Allan Packer’s Weblog Sun’s latest Midrange Unix server is an absolute stunner, setting a new standard in the marketplace. …..