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links for 2008-12-24

That’s cloud computing; But not as we know it, JimThe Register Readers poll of likely adoption of key cloud applications. …..

links for 2008-12-11

Blog of helios: Linux – Stop holding our kids back A US school teacher ignorantly confiscates a boy’s Linux discs and puts him on detention; all because she believed that anything that wasn’t Windows was illegal and immoral. …..

links for 2008-12-10

Why the Great-British-Pædowall is a dumb idea – Paul Jakma’s Weblog Paul Jakma point’s out how poorly thought out and implemented the Internet Watch Foundation’s filtering solution is for UK ISPs and sadly how open to exploitation it could become. …..

links for 2008-12-09

Oliver Postgate – Creator of Bagpuss, The Clangers, Ivor the Engine and other Childrens TV classics Oliver Postgate passed away yesterday; famous for being a founder of Smallfilms (with Peter Firmin) the co-creators of children’s TV favorites like “The Saga of Noggin. …..

links for 2008-12-04

Harvey Nash Annual Business Breakfast, October 2008 Richard Lambert, DG of the CBI, gives the best overview of the “Credit Crunch” that I’ve heard so far. …..

Thanks to Tim Caynes

Thanks to Tim Caynes I have a brand new look and feel on the blog; thankfully this is much more minimalist and I’m hoping easier to navigate for you. …..

Apologies to Alec Muffett

I’ve wanted to apologise to Alec Muffett for some time about a blog post I wrote back in January ’08. Called “Links for DD-MM-YYYY Not Likely” it questioned the effectiveness of “Links for” type posts to connect with your readership in a meaningful way; as well as being a response to Alec’s post “A disappointed (occasional) reader…“.

This has become especially ironic as eight months later I followed up with “Setting up blog posting on“, a post showing in detail how to configure delicious, the online bookmark system, to post entries to Roller Weblogger (and specifically the implementation powering the Sun blog server). To top it all I’ve become a regular provider of “Links for” posts since then too.

Furthermore I’ve found the “Links for” type post a useful way to communicate in a conversational manner with my readers. It allows me to post short opinion based entries to my blog, giving me a chance to have my say when circumstances wouldn’t or shouldn’t allow a longer blog post, as well as improving the overall cadence of updates, which has suffered when I’ve been time constrained.

I actually gave Alec a call a couple of months ago and apologised in person; I wrote this blog post after being reminded by Carolyn’s comment that I had a responsibility to put things straight online too.

links for 2008-12-02

A Framework for Enterprise Architectures – Archi-TECH Documents the Open Groups struggle to get TOGAF more widely adopted in the US. …..