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Power and Destruction in Panels: A Comparative Analysis of ‘Miracleman’ and ‘Uber’

I like ‘Miracleman’. I like ‘Uber’. So this article delves into the thematic and narrative parallels between Alan Moore’s “Miracleman” and Kieron Gillen’s “Uber.” Exploring how both comics redefine superhero conventions through their dark, realistic portrayal of superhuman powers, the article highlights the influence of Moore on Gillen’s work and the shared focus on the catastrophic consequences of such powers in society.

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“Mind the Oranges, Marlon!” Connecting Alan Moore’s DR and Quinch and Coppola’s Ominous Citrus Symbolism in ‘The Godfather’ and Beyond

In the violently wacky and vehemently whimsical world of Alan Moore’s characters, DR and Quinch, known for their satirical and bizarre escapades, a stand-out moment is the death of the faux Marlon Brando character. Cleverly bridging the gap between their universe and that of classic Hollywood cinema of the decade before.

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