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Comparative Analysis of Cicero’s Rhetoric and Patrick Winston’s Communication Techniques

The art of rhetoric and public speaking has evolved significantly over centuries, yet the foundational principles established by ancient orators like Cicero resonate even in contemporary discourse. This essay aims to juxtapose the rhetorical techniques of Cicero, a master orator of the Roman era, with the modern communication insights provided by Patrick Winston, a renowned professor and expert in artificial intelligence. By comparing their approaches, we can discern both the timeless nature of effective communication and the nuanced adaptations necessary in the modern era.

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Patrick Winston “How to Speak” MIT Lecture Analysed

Parrick Winston’s “How to Speak” end of year lecture was a firm favourite at MIT running for over 40 years. This article reviews the last of these lectures captured at MIT on YouTube, providing a summary, a breakdown of key points, an expansion of each of them, a critique of the lecture, and some pointers for future enhancements.

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