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links for 2009-03-02

‘Superguns’ of Elizabeth I’s navy | Science & Environment | BBC NEWS | “What we have shown is that the English navy and its gun founders were almost 50 years ahead of their time technologically” concludes Marine archaeologist Mensun Bound of Oxford. …..

links for 2009-02-28

Global downturn: In graphics | Business | BBC NEWS | Some of the key facts and figures behind the turmoil in the global financial markets; in easy to consume graphical formats. …..

links for 2009-02-27

Home repossessions rise to 40,000 | Business | BBC NEWS | Harrowing news that number of home repossessed in the UK by lenders rose by 54% to 40,000, thankfully this is less than predicted by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML), however they still expect that repossessions this. …..

links for 2009-02-19

Press reviews: Henry’s Othello | Entertainment | BBC NEWS | One of the UK’s favourite comedians and Black Countrymen, Lenny Henry, dazzles critics and audiences with his portrayal of Othello in Shakespeare’s play of the same name. …..

links for 2009-02-18

Race for ‘God particle’ heats up | Science & Environment | BBC NEWS | Competition is healthy for both Europe and the US, says Professor Lyn Evans, project leader of the European Large Hadron Collider (LHC), though missing out on the Higgs would be “sour. …..

links for 2009-01-31

BBC NEWS | Politics | 10 lessons from my Euro MP’s life BBC political reporter Brian Wheeler spent a week living the life of a Member of the European Parliament. …..

links for 2009-01-30

BBC NEWS | Education | White working class ‘losing out’ As if we didn’t know this already “Class” still matters in the UK; working class people are losing out on several fronts, from education to housing, and the current school system is skewed in favour. …..

links for 2009-01-28

links for 2009-01-25

BBC NEWS | Technology | White House plans open government Searching for data about the Obama administration should get easier as the Whitehouse.gov website gets overhauled. …..