Jakob Nielsen: “Mobile User Experience is Miserable”

Latest research into mobile web user experience says that overall the experience is “miserable”, and cites the major issues with Mobile web usages, as well as looking at overall “success” rates which, although improved from results of research in the mid-1990’s are much lower than typical PC and workstation results.

It is well worth a read for those looking at optimising for mobile readership and audience and the full report is available here: http://www.useit.com/alertbox/mobile-usability.html

This new report names two major factors to improving the aforementioned success rates; that is sites designed specifically with mobile use in mind and improvement and innovations in phone design (smart phones and touch screens perform best).

Jakob Nielsen, ex-Sun Staff member and Distinguished Engineer is famous for his work in the field of “User Experience”, and his site is a key resource to getting advice and best practice in terms of web, and other types of, user experience design.