Bill Vass’ top reasons to use Open Source software

You might not have seen Bill Vass’ blog article series on the topic of the top reasons to use and adopt Open Source software; and as it’s such an insightful series of articles I thought I’d bring it to your attention here.

Each one is highly data driven and contains insight that you probably haven’t seen before but is useful to be aware of when positioning Open Source to a CTO, a CIO or an IT Director, because of Bill viewpoints (having come from a CIO and CTO background). Often when you see this sort of thing written it can be rather subjective, almost ‘faith based’, so I’m always on the lookout for good factual information that is contextually relevant.

Bill Vass’ top reasons to use and adopt open source:

    1. Improved security

    1. Reduced procurement times

    1. Avoid vendor lock in

    1. Reduced costs

    1. Better quality

  1. Enhance functionality

And before you mention it, I know Bill already summarised these articles in his lead-in piece “The Open Source Light at the End of the Proprietary Tunnel…“, but it was such a great set of articles it seems a shame not to highlight them them to you!