2009 Turing Lecture “Information Engineering and its Future” This Week

One of the highlights of the UK technology calendar, the jointly hosted BCS and IET Turing Lecture, takes place over the coming week. Sir Michael Brady FRS FEng, BP Professor of Information Engineering, Keeble College, University of Oxford, will be presenting his lecture “Information Engineering and it’s future”. Summarising his knowledge in the areas of mobile robotics, computer vision, signal processing, medical image analysis and artificial intelligence, Professor Sir Brady will then examine what information engineering really means and the possibilities for the future of the field.

More on the lecture here: http://www.bcs.org/server.php?show=nav.5826

And for specific locations and dates:

A summary of last year’s lecture “Target Earth” by Dr James Martin, along with links to video and audio recordings for all of the Turing lectures since 2004 can be found here: https://horkan.com/2008/05/27/james-martin-turing-lecture-2008

I’m hoping to get along to tomorrows lecture at the IET Head Office, at Savoy Place, so expect a write up to follow.