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New Sun and SCC Partner Website

Check out the new Sun / SCC partner website here: http://www.scc-sun.com

Specialist Computer Centres (SCC) are one of Sun’s main partner organisations in the UK and you can learn more about them, and Sun UK’s reseller partners here: http://uk.sun.com/aboutsun/contact/partners/

This has been out a little while now, but I wanted to make sure I brought it to your attention. There’s no nepotism here, even if SCC are based in Tyseley, Birmingham, and I once lived opposite the Greet Inn pub (not only sadly closed, but flattened as well), just round the corner to the SCC headquarters.

SCC’s main web page is here: http://www.scc.com/

And SCC Exchange, SCC’s direct retail site “exclusively aimed at small to mid-size businesses and public sector organisations”, where you can also get Sun kit from, is here: http://www.sccex.com/