Andrew Gabriel, of the UK Systems Practice, awarded joint Patent contributing to Solaris virtualisation

Congratulation to the UK Systems Practice’s Andrew Gabriel, who has been awarded a joint Patent entitled “Global visibility controls for operating system partitions”, along with Andrew TuckerJohn BeckDavid ComayOzgur Leonard and Dan Price. Issued as US Patent 7437556, this is the main patent covering the key inventions in Solaris Zones. For those not in the know Solaris Zones are a significant component within Sun’s Operating System Virtualisation capability and have been rolled into OpenSolaris.

For more information on Solaris and Virtualisation there’s the official Sun UK Virtualisation page. Alternately you can get in touch here and I’ll connect you with the right people inside Sun UK if I can’t answer you directly.

This is a great example of how the UK technical community is contributing to Sun Microsystems capabilities world wide. A copy of the patent can be viewed and downloaded at

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