Congratulations to Plaxo for sending me the most condescending email advert I’ve ever received

Check this:

Now supporting the Pound!

You can now subscribe to Plaxo Premium using your hard earned Great British Pounds. Start your free 30-day trial

You can now pay for your Plaxo Premium subscription using Her Majesty’s currency.

Plaxo Premium includes a full set of tools that help you keep your calendar and contacts accessible, organised and safe.

* Remove duplicates from your calendar and address book* *

* Sync with your Windows Mobile phone* *

* Automated backup and recovery of contacts* *

* Send unlimited Premium eCards* *

* 24/7 VIP phone and e-mail support

Once you sign up, your credit card will not be charged for 30 days. You can cancel online at any time during the trial period.

Plaxo Premium now payable by the perennial Pound! Go on give it a try!

You know what ? They won’t be getting one of my hard earned ‘Great British Pounds’.

Imagine an advert saying paying with your ‘Yankee Dollars’ or some such; next it’ll be attempting to remind me that I’m a Subject and not a Citizen, which I don’t need. Or that our unwritten constitution sits in our Law Lords heads.

If that advert hasn’t been written by a naive ‘Yankee’ marketing noob, then I’d be well shocked.

Toodle-Pip old bean, etc., anyway else you’d like to stereotype me while your at it ?

Oh, and Plaxo, get a grip, just ’cause your buy out went through this month doesn’t mean you need to spam the world for cash. Or does it ?

Although it does seem it appear that you’ve started to share *OUR* address book data that you hold online with your new masters at ComCast. Nice one. Whatever happened to probity ?

See for more info.

Not sure how I feel about Plaxo now, I mean I really enjoy social networking technology, and have used Plaxo for yonks (mainly ’cause of Sean Parker and Doug Clinton).

But now I’m worried that they are going to exploit my online contact list, and that is just not acceptable.

I’m going to watch what happens and migrate or shut down my account if I think they are being irresponsible with my contacts.

And perhaps, in retrospect, you should think about investigating how they are sharing your contact lists as well.