First time at #1 most popular blogs on

Cripes !“, as seemingly countless British comic book characters have said over the last century, I appear to have got the most popular blog on for the first time ever in my blogging lifetime.

Let’s hope it’s because of interest in the talk and presentation I’m giving on “Case Studies of Enterprise Architecture” this coming Monday (which I reported a couple of days ago) and not because it’s a slow news day at Sun…

I was pleasantly surprised to find I’d made #1 most popular blog on our collective blog server after finishing off some work tonight (ah, I hear you think, the shear excitement of weekend work).

Here’s the screen grab – which as you can guess I’m kind of proud of (third column along: “Popular Blogs” – lol).

Screen Grab taken on the 16th of February, 2008, at 19:47

Since writing this entry marking this landmark (sic) I’m even more surprised to find that I’m the victim (or is that ‘lucky winner’ ?) of comment spam. Although I’ve also noticed that they stopped at adding comments on my blog entry about Tom Hanks being a Villa Fan and so, in the style of one of the Catherine Tate sketches doing the rounds “the dirty, Villa dodging… ” (expletive optional).

I’ll do some analysis of the comments as I’m not sure yet whether to moderate (basically delete) them, it’ll be my first time at that too.

And to think that I didn’t even have to hold Frank Zappa over my face to get all these page hits (although I hope to join in the ‘sleeveface’ phenomenon as soon as I can find where I’ve buried the last of my vinyl).